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Get to Know Your Mentors

Growing up in Baltimore, MD, life wasn’t easy, and we had our fair share of struggles and trials. We were raised by a single mother who toiled various jobs just to put us through school and ensure that our needs were met. Throughout high school and into our early days in college at Morgan State University, we were continuously looking for new avenues to make money.

During our internship with one of the significant firms, we stumbled across Real Estate Wholesaling, which sparked our curiosity, and we dived into the topic. We got our hands on every possible book on Wholesale Real Estate and started to study the subject in depth. Within a short time, we were hooked.

We seized the opportunity, quit our monotonous office jobs, and started our Wholesale Real Estate firm. Of Course, we made plenty of mistakes along the way. Still, each mistake taught us a new lesson, and each mistake was a stepping stone on the way to unimaginable success.

Over the years, we have grown our business from a small office to a successful and hugely profitable company, and now we want to share our success with you.