The Limitless Academy Course

At the Limitless Academy, we believe that opportunities are in abundance and so we designed a Limitless Access Course. The course comes with lifetime free access and any updates made in the future are available to you at no extra cost. 

The course is conducted by highly qualified mentors who have learned from their mistakes and used their real-world experience to bring you the most comprehensive and up-to-date course available on the market. 

The Course Can be Attended From Anywhere. All you Need

A computer / laptop / tablet.

A stable internet connection.

A pair of headphones and a mic

In case you miss something, no problem you can always view the content online. Any example that we use during the course is stored in pdf files and is easily downloadable resources.

Let’s Give You a Brief Insight Into What You’re Going to Get When You Sign Up For Our Course.

We are going to start at the beginning. How do you determine which is the right property? How to find great properties at a discount? How to find distressed properties?

The next topic we will cover is how to talk confidently and how to assign or write the property up in the Contract. We are going to teach you how to negotiate and how to get the best possible price for the property.

What do we mean by distressed property? We will also cover property that is inherited but the legal heirs are in a different state and are either not interested or cannot maintain the property. 

How to draft the contract. Points to remember while drafting the contracts. What are the things that should never be missed within these contracts? What not to do?

How to cold call? How to sound confident on the call? How to make deals right from your living room?

How do find cash-ready buyers? How to network and have a constant group of buyers available. How to use Facebook groups to your advantage.

Finally, how to assign the property to cash ready buyers and make your profit. 

We will also have a session at the end for you to pose any questions and have debates and discussions on the topics covered. 

Any future updates come to existing course holders at no extra cost. 

As Always, the Goal is to Help Many People Grow and Benefit From Real Estate Wholesaling.

We are constantly striving to give you our best. If you succeed then we have succeeded. 

Together, let’s help you grow your Wholesale Real Estate business into a profitable enterprise.

So without further adieu, we will see you there, sign up and change your life and achieve your goals. You take the first step and we’ll help you the rest of the way.